What Are You Stitching?

11th March 2022

Stumpwork is a fascinating style of embroidery, allowing the stitcher to create raised elements in what would normally be a two-dimensional picture. However, stumpwork also includes pieces that are three-dimensional in every respect, and these projects really can be breathtaking. Here are a few that show just how incredible three-dimensional embroidery and stumpwork can be:

Nina Burnsides

‘This is my piece for the latest San Francisco School of Needlework and Design challenge. I started with a circle of wool felt that I covered in French knots, beads, sequins and Turkey work for the bushes.’

‘The log behind the little fairy is made from felt rolled into a tube then covered in straight stitches. I hand-dyed a t-shirt and cut it into tiny pieces to make the moss.’

‘The baby fairy was made with polymer clay. For an added detail I made a tiny snail using silver wire with a bead for the head and a tiny seashell. The little snail keeps watch over the baby while it sleeps in the garden.’

Nina, this is truly a work of art. You’ve created such exquisite, tiny details in this piece that you have taken our collective breath away. Congratulations on an amazing finish.

Pauline Fozard

‘I have been working on a tooth fairy garden for my granddaughter. The lid of the stool can be removed to place the tooth inside. It gave me the much needed practise of different kinds of stitches.’

What a gorgeous project, Pauline. We’re sure your granddaughter is going to love it, and the tooth fairy is bound to be extra generous when she sees this stunning little garden.

Jan Vidler

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the new book, The Design Collective | Pincushions. I love pincushions and needlebooks, as they are the perfect vehicle for little works of art.’

‘I couldn’t wait to get stuck into Alison Cole’s Nodding Greenhood. It was a challenge for me as there was so much crammed into a tiny space, but I finished it!’

‘I love how the little orchid hoods fit on the top of my little finger. They’re just so tiny. Now to plan for the next pincushion. The difficult thing is to decide which one!’

This is a beautiful finish, Jan – Alison will be thrilled when she sees how accomplished you are at recreating her design. We’re glad you are enjoying the book and getting such pleasure out of doing the projects and look forward to seeing what you create next.

Jennifer Jensen

‘My crafting life didn’t really start until I had my children. I tried cross stitch, teddy bear and cloth doll making, but I knew I wanted more. Now, I love doing stumpwork for the challenge and intricacy.

Most evenings I’m stitching something. I finished Julie Kniedl’s Cauliflower from her book Botanica, and thoroughly enjoyed every stitch.’

This was one of Julie’s most popular designs, Jennifer. We’re so glad you loved doing it and that you have found your passion in stumpwork.

Do you love creating three dimensional objects using your needle and thread? Do you gain pleasure from working the tiny details or figuring out how to make an element look realistic? Or do you prefer to work in two dimensions? Are you a needlework sculptor, or a needlework painter? 

Whichever of the two you are, we would like to see your work. Send us a picture of your finished projects with a bit of information about them and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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