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28th January 2022

Although nature is undoubtedly beautiful, and almost all natural features make fantastic needlework subjects, there is an elegance in architecture that can sometimes be underrated. Here is a selection of embroidered buildings that demonstrate just how lovely man-made subjects can be.

Desiree Coetzee

‘I fell in love with this ‘garden shed’ painting by Barbara Mock years ago. It seems to be a very popular choice for embroidery as well. I decided to create my own version of this beautiful scene.’

‘This is my journey so far. Still a lot of embroidery ahead.’ 

You’ve put together a wonderful combination of embroidery stitches and textures on this project Desiree, which have really helped bring the printed fabric to life – we love it!

Ann Rowley

‘I treated myself to the kit for the project Castle Keep by Victoria Laine from Inspirations magazine issue #108 as a 90th birthday present.

Could I still do something like this? It turns out I could!

The only bit that was beyond me was the acetate covering for the tiny windows on the outer towers; I would have needed a second pair of hands for this!’

‘I worked under a magnifying light, which was an enormous help, and I loved every minute of it.’

What a magnificent result, Ann! You’ve done such a great job of this complicated project. You should be very proud.

Serap Whitmer

‘When I was in my early 20s, I bought a box of cards by some famous Turkish painters. I really liked one of them. It had bright colours, lots of flowers and old, beautiful Istanbul villas that reminded me of doll houses.’

L – Original card, R – Serap’s 3D version

‘Years later, we built our house but there was a wall in the kitchenette that needed a painting. We found a talented painter to replicate the card, however, the original painter’s name wasn’t readable. 

Neither the painter nor the painting came up in an internet search, and all I remembered was a female painter who was born at the end of Ottoman Empire.’

L – Replicated painting,  R-Serap’s Pink Villa

‘Finally, I discovered the painter was Fatma Eye. I find her style lovely, unique and magical. It reminds me of American Folk-Art paintings but the ratios and perspectives of her paintings are a little off, which makes them charming.’

‘In 2020, I decided I wanted to make a 3-dimensional version of the painting and so I started in October with the Pink Villa (Pembe Köşk).’

‘In my version, I added extras including the water (Bosporus), two fishermen in a boat with a fish net, and two cats. Every step was experimental, like doing a puzzle. I enjoyed working on it immensely.’ 

What an incredible story and a wonderful work of art, Serap. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Do you like the lines and angles of architecture? Does your heart sing when you see a historic building or character-filled house? Does it make your fingers itch to stitch? Or do you prefer natural subjects? 

Whatever it is you like to stitch, we’d like to see it. Send us a picture of your work and a bit of information about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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