What Are You Stitching?

21st January 2022

It seems that right now, everyone is stitching cushions! Turning your finished embroidery into a cushion is a great way to display it, especially when you find yourself running out of wall space. Take a look at the huge variety of different styles of cushions our readers have been keeping themselves busy with!

Norah Jackson

‘Here is a pillow I stitched from Inspirations issue #21. It isn’t an exact working of the pattern, rather my interpretation.’

‘This second pillow is a pattern I bought at an embroidery show several years ago. It is designed by Colleen Goy. I do not know why it got put away because I really enjoyed stitching it, however it might have been during one of those times when guests were coming over and I didn’t want them to see my studio in the mess it usually is in!’

These are both lovely cushions, Norah and they fit so beautifully with the surrounding décor! We can see why you enjoyed stitching them.

Rosalind Stewart

‘A few years ago, I was given a copy of Mary Hickmott’s New Stitches Magazine from February 2003 by a stitching friend who knew of my love of all things Celtic. While I was working the Celtic Magic cushion with the white dogs, I decided I also would do one with black cats to match, seeing as I am more attuned to cats than dogs. I had fun designing the panels.’

‘When I had finished, I was encouraged to submit the cushions for our local Embroiderers’ Guild Exhibition in Canterbury. I was quite chuffed that they were accepted, but utterly blown away when I won the prize for first time exhibitor.’

These are fantastic cushions, Rosalind! They must have taken you hours of work, but what a result. They definitely earnt their first prize.

Kate Brown

‘A much anticipated class by Deborah Love was recently cancelled due to lockdowns. From my stash I stitched her earlier design ‘White Linen’ which appeared in A Passion for Needlework. I bought this kit at Beating Around the Bush in 2016. What happy memories!’

‘Blackbird Designs produces cross stitch patterns and fabrics in the ‘primitive’ theme using variegated threads and overdyed fabrics. One of the talented duo behind these designs, Barb Adams, recently passed away. We are so fortunate she left so many beautiful designs. This one is The Air of Other Summers from the book Sewing Club.’

Although nobody likes lockdowns, it is good to see you were so productive, Kate. You should be very proud of your finishes.

Do you like stitching cushions? Do you prefer to display your finished work on sofas or beds rather than on the walls? Or are there other ways you prefer to mount or complete your finished embroidery? However you like to display it, we’d like to see it. Send us a picture of your work along with a bit of information about yourself, your project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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