What Are You Stitching?

19th November 2021

While not all embroiderers are quilters, there are certainly a lot of talented people out there who have skills in both crafts. Even if you’ve never quilted before, you can still appreciate the skill and mastery that goes into these projects. This week we have some wonderful quilting projects sent in by our needlework community to inspire and admire.

Carol Meadows

‘Here is a quilt that I made using up my stash. I’ve also made some place mats I’m not planning on using, but I want to preserve as part of the history of Women’s Work.’ 

‘The other quilt is one that I only just started. I have the vines stitched already. I am using the quilting design that Helen at Cardinal Quilters chose when she quilted it for me. The birds, butterflies, flowers and leaves will take a while. They are all appliqué and who knows what will happen in this Fantasy Garden!’

These are intricate projects, Carol. We can see how much you enjoy quilting in the creativity of the designs and the beauty of the finished work!

Mary Anne Richardson

‘I thought I’d share a fabric landscape I recently completed that features quite a bit of embroidery. The building is the Uneda School in Alberta Canada – abandoned for many years. The landscape is pieced, painted, machine quilted and, of course, embroidered. The sky is woven fabrics highlighted with machine stitches and quilting.’ 

‘My passion is to preserve old buildings and vehicles that have been abandoned in a fabric form. There is a certain beauty in their lonely existence that I find very appealing.’

What a wonderful way to preserve the historical past, Mary Anne. It combines history with creativity in a really unique way.

Pat O’Brien

‘Here are two wall hanging quilts I finished and gave to my daughters. They were my first attempt at quilting. They were done during the quarantine, so I had lots of time. I really enjoyed making them.’

These are amazing for a first-time effort, Pat! We’re sure your daughters would have loved them.

Do you love quilting almost as much as you love embroidery? Do you look for ways to combine your passions? Or are you simply an admirer of other people’s quilts, preferring to stick to your own craft of choice? 

Whatever it is you like to create, we would like to see it. Send us a picture of your work with a bit of information about yourself and the project to news@inspirationsstudios.com 

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