What Are You Stitching?

15th October 2021

The circle is one of the most pleasing shapes to the eye due to its unbroken edge and lack of sharp corners. It is no wonder that as a shape, the circle is very popular when it comes to needlework designs. This has been made all the more evident by the explosion of hoop art, but the circle also features strongly as a subject unto itself as the following projects from our readers demonstrate…

Chris Richards

‘I have stitched for over thirty years and I am still learning. I adore modern embroidery, with the freedom 0f freeform and organic stitching being my favourite. I love colour and texture and like to design my own pieces. To do a twisted chain stitch in a shiny thread, so that the light plays with the stitches to create shadows and bring it to life is just awesome.’

‘I stitch nearly every day. I love my hobby; it has kept me sane for many years. For the love of stitch, please do!’

Your love definitely comes out in your creations, Chris. They’re fascinating, creative and beautiful all at once.

Mary Aiton

‘Here is my Artichoke and Lemon wreath. The artichoke motif is based on an original watercolour that I did of an artichoke, and what better complement for an artichoke than a lemon.’

This is a beautifully designed and stitched piece, Mary that is completely unique. Very clever! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Pat Demharter

‘What attracted me to this design was the beautiful combination of wool yarn and Mouline thread. The black cloth adds more interest by making the colours ‘pop’ and giving the piece dimension. It’s like looking at the blooms at night. The Japanese really have a beautiful way of expressing nature.’

They certainly do, Pat. You’ve also done justice to this lovely piece with your fabulous stitching, well done!

Do you enjoy stitching ‘in the round’? Do you like making hoop art and try to fit everything into a circular shape. Or do you prefer the crisp lines and perfect corners of a square or rectangular design?

Whatever shape you like to stitch in and however you like to display it, we’d like to see it. Send a picture of your project with a bit of information about it and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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