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13th August 2021

After reading about the gorgeous boxes in the project Revival from Inspirations issue #111, there’s a good chance you’ve been inspired to make your own box. And to give you even more inspiration, this week we’re sharing some stunning boxes and baskets that members from our global needlework community have made and decorated. There really is no limit to the skills that our stitching friends have, is there?

Barbara McCaig

‘This is a Jacobean work basket I made. The original design was finished in crewel embroidery but I chose to represent it in patchwork with elements of crewel to enhance it.’

This is both a beautiful and practical item, Barbara. Your creative twist using patchwork elements is very clever and both your stitching and the finish is lovely. We know you’ll get plenty of use out of this lovely basket.

Joan Clark

‘During lockdown in the UK I decided to make the box from the recent Royal School of Needlework book on boxes. I’ve always wanted to make a Jacobean style box and the book arrived at the right time.’

‘The box took me 18 weeks to make and it was wonderful to be able to immerse myself in something that was completely devoid of the virus.’

‘I’m not sure what will happen to it when I’m gone as I have two daughters and four granddaughters.’

Wow! This really is a breathtaking project, Joan. From the intricate needlework to the complexity of the construction you have created an absolute masterpiece. You’re right in imagining that there might be arguments over who gets this incredible box. Maybe you’ll just have to make a few more?!

Susan Cuss

‘Late last year our Embroidery Guild dropped off a package of chipboard pieces to each participating member for us to create a 6″ square box. I decided to stitch Celtic patterns on each of the outside squares, and one for the inner lid.’

‘The fabric I chose for the outside of the box proved resistant to many attempts to transfer the design onto its surface. After some experimenting, I finally used tracing paper. It was fiddly and time consuming to remove all those tiny paper bits after tacking!

The fabric for the inside of the box is a wonderful batik. I had just enough to cover the inside panels and to make the pincushion and two small needlecases with just the left-over scraps. It might seem funny to use such a luscious fabric for the inside of a box, but since I plan to use this as my sewing box, I know I’ll be seeing it often.’

‘I decided to add a trim around the outside and found the perfect green braid in one of my stash boxes. I think it frames the Celtic designs beautifully, but it also shows that I have a slight problem with centring! I have a quirky sewing box, but I’m a little quirky, so we go together well.’

This is a fantastic little box that clearly shows your personality and the care you’ve taken in designing it and putting it together, Susan. We couldn’t notice any problems with your centring so that might be a little secret only you and your box share! We hope you enjoy using it for many years to come.

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