What Are You Stitching?

14th September 2018

Inspired by Betsy Morgan’s Tooth Fairy Boxes as featured in All Stitched Up! Issue #155 HERE this week we’re sharing a collection of boxes that the Inspirations Community have fashioned from their needles and threads.

Jean Haynes | UK

‘This garden in a box started off with a few basic ideas. Each of the outside panels are different topiary trees with iron gates set in stone posts at the front. The top is a maze with a topiary knob to open the box.’

Oh, to be small enough to find ourselves walking through your magical garden Jean! We love both the creativity and skill that has gone into creating such an enchanting allotment.

Jenny Mullett | UK

‘Just thought I’d send you something that I think is one of my best pieces to date, I have many more examples but just couldn’t send them all!’

Jenny, we love the delicate outline of the dragonfly you’ve been able to create with wire and beads – so simple, yet incredibly effective!

Penelope Williams | UK

‘I live in Dorset in a Thatched Cottage, the gardens of which are always full of flowers.’

‘In fact, when I am not gardening I am embroidering!’

‘I have recently created a Knot Garden as well as Playtime for Teddy Bears which is a small sewing box.’

Penelope, we’re not sure which is more enchanting – the garden you’ve created with your needles and threads or the one created from what must be the greenest of thumbs! Each of your boxes have spectacular form and we love the function of Playtime for Teddy Bears.

Have you created a box with your needles and threads? Whether it be form over function or equal measures of each, we’d love to see it! Email phots of your box along with a few details about your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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