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6th November 2020

Hazel Blomkamp’s prolific designs are loved the world over. Her ideas, her stitches and her projects continue to inspire needlework fans in droves. You love her, we love her – really, what more can we say? Here is another amazing showcase of Hazel’s designs from our talented readers.

Jeannette Roberts

‘I was inspired by your publication to purchase Hazel Blomkamp’s book Crewel Twists. The monotone Jacobean design on the cover was intriguing, so I worked it on recycled denim from a leg of my husband’s jeans!’

‘I challenged myself, making a sampler of sorts, trying out many of the stitches Hazel had in her book that were new to me, including the needle lace. Never too old to learn a new stitch, or two, or three.’

Never too old indeed, Jeannette! What a fabulous contemporary interpretation of this beautiful design. You should be very proud of your achievement. We love it!

Tracie Tillman

‘I have stitched two of Hazel’s designs so far and plan on doing many more! I absolutely loved stitching Midnight Meander from her book Crewel Twists. I knew from the start I wanted to finish it mounted on a silver bowl similar to the way she did. I was lucky enough to find this silver footed bowl in a second hand store and I am very pleased with the final result.’

‘I also recently finished stitching Inflorescence from her book Crewel Intentions. I haven’t yet decided how I’m going to finish this piece, but I love how it turned out. Her designs are challenging but her instructions are excellent and I learn something with each project.’

Both of these finished projects are magnificent, Tracie. Even finishing one of Hazel’s projects is an achievement, so the fact you have completed two (to date!) is something worthy of praise.

Marcie Acker-Missall

‘I am a professional soft sculpture art doll artist, designer and instructor. I fell in love with surface embroidery when teaching in Australia several years ago. I am self-taught – a ‘work-in-progress’ embroiderer –  living in South Florida, USA where there are no embroidery shops and no guild or club to join and learn from.’

‘Here is Hazel Blomkamp’s Rhino. This is the first Hazel Blomkamp pattern I’ve ever tried. I reduced the size by half and had to work using only single threads of floss to be able to work the tiniest of stitches. It was a very challenging project, but the detailed instructions she provides are outstanding.’ 

I think all of us are ‘work-in-progress’ embroiderers, Marcie, as there is never an end to what you can learn. You certainly challenged yourself by reducing the size of Roger, he was unbelievably detailed to begin with, and your finished result is marvellous. Well done.

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