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2nd October 2020

Birds and land animals are perennial favourites when it comes to finding subjects of inspiration for our stitching. However, with so many beautiful sea creatures living in the vast expanses of our oceans, it’s safe to say that we will never want for inspiration. This week we are bringing you a showcase of embroidered ocean creatures for your stitching enjoyment.

Courtney Cox

‘Native to the southern coast of Australia, the weedy sea dragon is a beautiful and unusual creature. Before I began stitching this, I applied a watercolour wash to the fabric and then sketched the outline. The main stitches used were back stitch and satin stitch, with colonial knots added in the end to make the spots.’

Such a fascinating sea creature to choose for inspiration Courtney, you’ve definitely done it justice and we love all the different combinations of techniques you’ve used to achieve a wonderfully realistic likeness.

Karen Matze

‘Here is a piece I designed and completed using free form embroidery and Hazel Blomkamp’s style as inspiration. This has certainly taken hold of me!’

It has indeed, Karen. If one stands too close, your octopus looks like it might reach out and grab hold of us as well! This piece must be stunning hanging on your wall.

Carolyn Standing Webb

‘I have created these designs featuring copper metallic threads and lots of found materials in shades of copper on a really interesting fabric that has a layer of cork bonded to it.’

‘I have used watch parts to add a steampunk flair to the fun fantasy animals. Regular embroidery stitches can take on an unusual look when stitched in unique threads.’

‘These works, along with four others in a similar style, hang together in a room with other copper accents.’

These are fabulous, Carolyn. Your clever use of found materials make these pieces so unique. You must be very proud of how they have turned out.

Tawney Carter

‘In October last year, I found out that I was going to need open heart surgery to fix a defect I was born with. The stress of preparing for such a major surgery completely sucked all inspiration out of me and the recovery has been difficult to say the least.’

‘In February I was able to take a short class with Alison Cole and she inspired me to not only work on technique but to experiment with my own style.

This seahorse is an original and I am very happy with how he turned out.’

Thank you for sharing your story Tawney, it is wonderful to hear how your stitching helped you get through your recovery and your gorgeous seahorse is a special reminder of what you’re capable of, even in hard times.

Are you inspired by the oceans? Does your needle and thread tend towards the aquatic? Or are creatures of the land more your passion? No matter which geographic location inspires you, we’d love to see your work. Send us a picture of your stitching as well as a few words about the project and your stitching journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com

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