What Are You Stitching?

17th July 2020

Every stitcher loves their tools. Usually we love them so much, we spend many pleasurable hours creating stitched accessories to accompany them – scissor fobs, etuis, needlebooks and pincushions. As such, you’re going to love the stitcher’s accessories and etuis featured in this week’s showcase:

Anne Shields | Sewing Box

‘I always drew pictures as long as I can remember. At five I began to knit. At seven I designed clothes for my cut-out dolls. I then went on to sew my first apron from an old dress of my mother’s. I made my first winter coat at thirteen, modelling it at my high school home economics fashion show.’

‘From that time on I made most of my own clothes and eventually my children’s. After my children left home, I added needlework of various types to my accomplishments, learning from members of a teaching Stitchery Guild which fortunately has Barbara Kershaw as a member.’

‘Isolating from the virus has given me time to complete a sewing box with a matching project bag I started in 2009.’

You’ve had a long and very productive stitching career, Anne. We love your sewing box and project bag and can’t wait to see what you turn your hand to next!

Graciela Aubey | Maria Katarin’s Reticule

‘We all make mistakes!’

‘As you can see, I finished Betsy Morgan’s Maria Katarin’s Reticule from Inspirations issue #103. The third panel was the first one I embroidered and as I was finishing it, I realized it I had stitched it upside down!’

‘I spent more time unpicking it than it took me to stitch it the second time!’

Nevertheless, I love the project. I am from Mexico and it really spoke to me.’

We feel your pain, Graciela! We know that sinking feeling so well, when you realise that all of that work you’ve put in is now going to have to come out. But what a wonderful result. It was well worth all of the unpicking

Jenny Craft | Strawberry Fayre Etui

‘I have always enjoyed stitching and started as soon as my legs were long enough to reach the pedal on mum’s sewing machine. After years of patchwork and having finally retired I joined the Mollymook branch of the Australian New South Wales Embroiderers’ Guild.’

‘This active group has a great respect for education and members gladly hold courses in their speciality. I tried many types of embroidery with this group but love surface stitchery most of all (no counting required!).’

‘Over five years ago, I participated in a workshop with Carolyn Pearce to stitch her Strawberry Fayre etui. Thanks to the encouragement of a friend, I finally finished it.’

‘I also enjoy the construction aspect of Carolyn’s projects and have completed her Home Sweet Home workbox as well.’

These are two enormous projects, Jenny. To have completed both of them is a feat in itself. Well done on such an exquisite job!

Julie Self | Strawberry Fayre Etui Reimagined

‘I wanted to make the Strawberry Fayre etui by Carolyn Pearce for my eldest daughter’s 40th birthday. However, I knew it was beyond me now, after several strokes which have affected my mental capacities and made my hands clumsy.’

‘So instead I made a variation of the etui with a ‘hearts and insects’ theme. The problem was trying to think how to attach some of the lovely sewing accessories I found. There were four very sharp things, and a lovely little wooden sewing tool.’

‘I’m in the process of making beaded ‘strings’ for them, but they need some sort of pockets. I’d be happy to receive any suggestions!’

What a wonderful reimagining Julie! Perhaps some of our readers might have some suggestions if you haven’t already found the solution. Your ability to make such beautiful things despite your difficulties is just wonderful.

If you have an etui, sewing box or any other sewing accessory of which you are particularly proud, we’d love to see it. We love these things as much as you do! Send photographs and some information about your sewing journey to news@inspirationsstudios.com 

Projects Featured in This Week’s What Are You Stitching? 

If you’ve been inspired by the projects showcased above, the good news is that the patterns, complete with step-by-step instructions, are available for each of the designs:

Digital Patterns

Strawberry Fayre

Printed Books

Home Sweet Home – An Embroidered Workbox

Digital Patterns

Maria Katarin’s Reticule – i103 Digital

Printed Patterns

Maria Katarin’s Reticule – i103 Print

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