Vivace by Di Kirchner

13th October 2023

There are times when a designer will create a project working from a restrained selection of materials so that it makes it easier to be re-created by others. 

They might choose to limit the variation of threads, dial back the number of techniques used or keep the type of fabrics incorporated into the design to a minimum.

Then there are times that a designer will just cut loose and throw all restraint to the wind in order to create something truly majestic.

Ladies and gentlemen, this week we present the latest release in our Handpicked Collection, Vivace by Di Kirchner.

Remarkably, in this piece you have two competing disciplines that result in one amazing outcome.

On one hand, Di has truly embraced the lavishness and opulence of using only the best materials. She also holds nothing back when it comes to the use of numerous techniques.

The design itself is vivacious and bright, it’s hard to miss the eye-catching red fantasy flowers illuminating the lid of the box.

Yet everything is beautifully balanced in a very restrained and considered way. This project is perhaps a masterclass on combining the mantras of more is more along with keep it simple stupid.

Let’s look at the materials Di has used. Here you’re going to relish working with Au ver a Soie stranded and twisted silks, along with Gloriana, Gumnut and Caron silk threads. 

For the ground fabric get ready to bathe in the beauty of pale gold silk dupion and then there’s even some old gold Mill Hill seed beads used in the mix for good measure – but we’ll get to them later.

Wondering what wizardry Di has in store for all these glorious materials? How about 19 different stitch techniques that have been added to the dance card as you whirl your way around your sewing room draped in all your finest of silks.  

Don’t forget that gorgeous twisted golden cord that is used as the finishing trim for the edges of the lid that perfectly matches the stitched border around each side of the box as well as the outline for the quatrefoil.

Look even closer and you’ll discover the most delightful miniature details.

Each side of the box features a guest insect that is reflected on the hero flowers on the lid. Too cute!

Then to top it all off, we have that alluring beaded knob sitting centred on the lid. It is formed from a wooden bead covered in thread then garnished with those old gold seed beads we mentioned earlier, packed tightly to form the jewel in the crown.

Vivace is a superb silk box, resplendent with the most beautiful of flowers worked in glorious silk threads. Whether you’re looking for a place to hide your treasures, or to create a treasure to proudly have on display, you’ve come to the right place.

Make Your Own Vivace

Option 1 – Purchase Project Instructions

Vivace by Di Kirchner is a superb silk box resplendent with colourful flowers and tiny insects.

Printed Patterns

Vivace – HP Print

Printed Patterns

Vivace – HP Print

Option 2 – Purchase Ready-To-Stitch Kit with Printed Pattern Included

The Inspirations Ready-To-Stitch kit for Vivace includes everything you need to re-create this splendid box: Fabrics (unprinted), waddings, wooden bead, card, sewing thread, embroidery threads, beads, needles and printed instructions.


Vivace – HP Kit

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