Visible Mending

23rd July 2021

In previous generations, mending clothes was an essential thing to do, as at times it simply wasn’t possible to buy new clothes when the old ones wore out. However, the emphasis seemed to be on making the repairs invisible, so no-one would know that a hole had been repaired or a patch had been added.

As people are becoming more conscious of their purchases and environmental footprint, mending is coming back into vogue. However, it is going one step further and is now becoming something to show off or be proud of. Visible mending is the order of the day.

Using the traditional Japanese technique of Boro, anything can be repaired from shirts to jeans, with the patches becoming a feature rather than something to hide. This technique is so easy, anyone can master it, saving all sorts of garments from landfill.

If you’d like to read about the technique and learn a few basics, check out the full article HERE.

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