Unwieldly Threads Begone

24th May 2024

If you struggle with the hassle of working with fiddly threads that have a mind of their own and twist this way and that, the newest addition to our wonderful collection of needlework tools is here to save the day.

Whether you’re working with silk ribbon, metal or gimp threads, this Pewter Laying Tool is perfect for ensuring your stitches sit exactly where you want them to.

Effortlessly guiding your thread and preventing twists, a laying tool allows you to focus on the project at hand rather than thread management.

Finished with a beautifully embossed handle, making it very comfortable to use, this laying tool is also a handy aid used to tuck fabric in place when using a sewing machine, keeping your fingers safely away from the needle.

Grab yours today for hassle-free stitching.


Pewter Laying Tool – Blunt

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