Ulster Linen by the Metre

10th February 2023

Fabric sits at the foundation of our needlework with the majority of projects we stitch centred around some form of substrate. When you’re shopping for your next piece of fabric, here are some suggestions that might be worth considering:


Always buy the finest quality fabric you can afford. When you take into account the amount of time, effort and talent you’ll be investing embroidering on it, the last thing you want is your fabric to let you down.

Buy Local

Whenever possible support your local needlework store. Touching and feeling the fabric in person is the best way to ensure you’re getting what you want.


When buying local is not an option, use a supplier you can trust. Whenever we buy fabric, it’s always based on the recommendation of professional needlework designers so we know it’s good.

Margaret’s Iznik Tile from A Fine Tradition using Ulster Linen Twill – Off White

A great example of the above principles in action is Ulster linen. We can attest firsthand as to the integrity of this fabric thanks to testimonies from designers who use it extensively such as Margaret Light and Anna Scott and our own experience having used it in hundreds of our kits.

In fact, we love it so much that we have it available on our website to purchase not only in pre-cut sizes, but now we also offer Off White Ulster linen twill, by the half metre.

Don’t chance your stitched creations with just any old fabric.   

PS – use the product quantity to let us know how long you would like your piece of fabric, for example 1 QTY = half a metre/20 inches, 2 QTY = 1 metre/40 inches and so on.

Ulster Linen Twill – Off White

Ulster Linen
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