Katarina the Cat by Trish Burr

7th February 2020

Whitework is usually understood as embroidery worked with pure white thread on a white ground. However, Trish Burr has taken the concept of whitework and extended it in unusual ways.

She designed a series of projects entitled ‘Shades of Whitework’ which allowed her to introduce some colour into her predominantly monochromatic pieces.

One of the most iconic of these is Katarina the Cat, an intricate, shaded whitework project based on a gorgeous doodle by Jill Buckley. Katarina elegantly faces off against a butterfly. Her sawtooth mane and noble chest lead us to believe she’s fierce and proud, but with wide eyes and a curled tail, her kitten curiosity shines through.

It is hard not to fall in love with Katarina, for both her obvious personality and for the wonderful detail in the stitching.

As part of our new range of Trish Burr designer kits, you can now invite this clever cat into your own home and stitch it yourself by purchasing the Ready-to-Stitch Kit complete with instructions and pre-printed fabric.

Make Your Own Katarina the Cat

Katarina the Cat by Trish Burr is the cat with attitude, created in Trish’s signature whitework with colour style.


Katarina the Cat – Trish Burr Kit

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