18th August 2023

Medha Sarkar has been quoted as saying that ‘Books have the power to transport us to new worlds and different times.’

We recently had such an experience, albeit with a magazine instead of a book, but still the sentiment rang true!

When the latest issue of Needlepoint Now crossed our desks, it was a particularly wintery day at Inspirations HQ in Adelaide, Australia. The skies looked especially threatening as the rain fell hard, the wind was blowing, and the heaters were working overtime. We were looking for any excuse to stay inside, and to say we were feeling a tad sorry for ourselves would be somewhat of an understatement.

But then, Andrea Santiamo transported us to a completely different season and place with her editorial.

‘I am writing this piece while sitting out on my back deck in Duane. The view overlooks the water and has a priceless view of the skyline of NYC. Could I ask for a more inspirational outlook? I find sitting looking out at the water to be very calming and peaceful. A good place to think, observe life, regroup, recharge and most of all, a place to gather much inspiration. At this time of year, it is my happy place to stitch.’

As Andrea described the weather around her and the view before her, her words transported us from Adelaide to Duane instantly and we felt as if we were sitting on the deck with her.

And she was right, could we ask for a more inspirational view?!

As we felt the figurative clouds rise from around us, we appreciated afresh how words have the power to transport and inspire. We found our enthusiasm renewed as we gathered needle and thread for some much needed ‘summer’ stitching… that is, of course, until the relentless heat of the Australian summer arrives, and we find ourselves wishing we were where the grass is much greener and somewhat cooler!

After experiencing the power of Andrea’s words to inspire our stitching anew, we’d love to find ourselves transported to where you pick up needle and thread and hear what it is that inspires you. We look forward to receiving your email and travelling with you to wherever it is you find yourself with needle and thread in hand.

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