Transferring Patterns Made Easy with Light Pad

28th April 2023

This week, the modern-day lightbox marvel, the LED light pad, is back in stock. Previously sold out due to popularity, this wonderfully practical stitching accessory is your new best friend.

Transferring your patterns is a whole lot easier using this fantastic light pad.

Featuring an angled stand and adjustable illumination, if you’ve never used a light pad before, it’s well worth the investment. Simply place both your fabric and design on the light pad, select the desired brightness and trace the outline with ease.

Having used these light pads in the Inspirations office for many years, we can testify firsthand as to their quality and reliability.

Click on the link below for more info and for customers outside Australia, the power supply is multi-voltage so can be used anywhere in the world, all you need is the appropriate plug adapter from Australian to your own country.

A4 LED Light Pad

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