Tiny Works of Wearable Art

10th September 2021

While the fashion for wearing brooches waxes and wanes over the years, it has long established itself as a staple in many a wardrobe. And, of course, how often they are worn depends on the brooch itself. The breathtaking embroidered brooches produced by needlework artist, Ira Pashkevych, definitely give us reason to wear them as often and whenever we are able.

Ira recreates famous artworks in miniature with uncanny precision. These tiny masterpieces can all then be worn on a lapel or collar. The skill, verisimilitude and beauty of these handmade jewellery pieces are almost beyond words.

One must appreciate the time it takes to produce each piece, which gives more reason to want to show it off by wearing it out. So much talent in such diminutive pieces. 

If you’d like to see more of Ira’s work you can follow her on Instagram @bloomingdaythings, read more about her HERE or take a look at her Etsy shop.

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