Thimbles By Clover

30th July 2021

Not everyone is comfortable using a thimble. For some stitchers, they are an essential tool – one that has become so important it is almost impossible to stitch without it.

For others, it feels like a clumsy appendage that just gets in the way. However, the benefit of a thimble is that you can manipulate and push your needle with ease without it going into your finger, causing pain or slipping.

Thimbles of the past may have been bulky, but Clover thimbles embrace new materials to produce one of the most comfortable and easy to use thimbles on the market.

Made from soft silicone with a metal top, these thimbles sit easily on the finger, moulding to the shape, whilst still providing the strength to push through even the most belligerent of needles.

In three handy sizes: small; medium; and large, the Clover thimbles are ideal whether you are used to using a thimble or not. They are light and unobtrusive yet completely effective. 

A combination of both the clever materials and the different range of sizes to choose from, ensure that it won’t slip off of your finger. Plus, the added bonus of the bright colours means you’ll always be able to spot your thimble in your sewing box or kit easily.

Adding one of these Clover thimbles to your stitching kit may not seem essential, but the day will come when you’ll be grateful you have it. And who knows, you might discover just how useful they are and wonder how you ever stitched without it.


Clover Protect & Grip Thimble – Small


Clover Protect & Grip Thimble – Medium


Clover Protect & Grip Thimble – Large

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