The King & I, Starring Jo Butcher

5th July 2024

If you’ve ever had the privilege of meeting Jo Butcher in person, you’ll know that she is a lot of fun. Don’t let her super professional and sometimes quiet demeanour distract you from the fact that she never takes herself too seriously and is always up for a laugh.

Take for example an email we received from her recently letting us know how wonderful her time was exhibiting at the Chelsea Flower Show. It seems she is now creating an annual tradition – snapping a selfie of herself with the King. Well sort of… as Jo explains:

‘We had a fab time again at Chelsea. Many keen embroiderers from all around the globe including the US, NZ, Chile and Australia came to visit us.

Even got a lovely close-up with the King again, though nowhere near my stand!’

Thanks for the update, Jo, congrats on the show and we love that you titled your photo ‘The King & I’.

Maybe next year he’ll actually make it to your stand! 

PS – if you’re not familiar with Jo’s superb embroidery, treat yourself by clicking HERE, HERE and HERE

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