The How-To of Tapestry Weaving

4th December 2020

In All Stitched Up! issue #258 we wrote about woven tapestries and the difference between them and needlepoint or canvas work. While in the article we described how a tapestry was made, words can only achieve so much.

We were pretty excited therefore, to discover the Instagram account of the Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Center in Egypt where they have wonderful photographs to better appreciate what’s involved.

The Centre is a place where Egyptian artists have been weaving wool tapestries since 1952, and a scan through their Instagram photographs shows exactly how the process is done.

If you’ve ever been curious as to how a tapestry is woven, how the images are formed and how the colours are introduced, it is worth taking the time to look through this account. It demonstrates just how accurate the saying is – ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’

You can view the Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Center Instagram account @wissa.wassef.artcenter or check out their Facebook Page.

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