The Frog Prince by Victoria Laine

8th June 2018

Frogs. Love them or loathe them, they have made quite a name for themselves throughout history.

Served as a famous delicacy in French restaurants, popular in Australia as a theme for desserts (chocolate frogs and frog cakes), read about at bed time in children’s story books as a trapped prince, trying to cross the road safely in the popular 1980’s self-titled video game ‘Frogger’ or immortalised as a puppet courtesy of Kermit The Frog, the PR agency responsible for the rise and rise of the charismatic green jumping amphibians, deserves high praise!

So, when it was time for Inspirations to do our bit and include another frog inspired design in the magazine, Victoria Laine rose to the occasion and created ‘The Frog Prince’ for issue #98 to help keep the green dream alive.

The Frog Prince is an endearing little frog coin purse, in two different sizes.

Worked in needlelace on a wire cordonnet, each frog is highlighted with gold purl and lined with silk.

Victoria’s inspiration for The Frog Prince actually dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries, when frogs were basking in popularity.

Elizabethan decorative coin purses were quite the fashion back in the day. Worn hung by a cord from the waist, these intricate and imaginative designs traditionally borrowed from the natural world (like frogs!) and were often given as gifts, filled with gold coins.

In keeping with style of the era, Victoria has used the technique of needlelace to adorn her frogs with the most magnificent looking skin. To achieve this, you work detached corded blanket stitch over a wire cordonnet, a very traditional stumpwork technique.

The legs of the frogs are wire wrapped in stranded cotton and there are even toes as part of the design included on the end of each leg.

While both frogs are essentially the same design other than their size, you will also notice the needle lace pattern for the skin differs slightly and the smaller frog benefits from some added bling thanks to sequins on his back.

Both frogs are finished off handsomely with gold pearl purl couched around the edges and are given sparkling beads for eyes, so they can keep a watch for approaching princesses in search of their lost prince.

Victoria has certainly done the amphibian world and the needlework world proud with her Frog Prince duo, and we think these little guys will go a long way to ensure frogs remain as popular as ever for years to come.

Make Your Own | The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince by Victoria Laine are two fun frog purses created with embellished needlelace, inspired by historical designs.

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