The Everyday

1st April 2022

It was with more than just a touch of sadness that we closed the door behind us as we left the location for A Passion for Needlework IV last week. We’d come to know the property so well as we placed the projects throughout, using Lynda’s myriad collectible curios alongside each to create the perfect vignette.

Whilst the space Lynda has so thoughtfully curated is beyond enchanting, to coin an oft used phrase, this wasn’t our first rodeo, so why the sadness?

As we took the time to contemplate how we felt, we realised that the almost eight hours we’d travelled to Daylesford meant we’d left the ‘real’ world behind. The only thing on our To Do List was to indulge our love of all things needle and thread as we placed, styled and captured images of each of the twelve projects.

Once we’d closed the doors behind us, however, it was but a moment before our thoughts returned to the everyday.

The washing and ironing that had accumulated during our time away, the fridge and pantry that would need restocking on our return home, the emails waiting for responses, the paperwork we were now behind on at the office… the list went on and on!

We’d gone from being completely immersed in a pursuit of passion to the mundane of the everyday in almost an instant.

Whilst it took us a little while to regain our balance, the truth is, you don’t get one without the other. It’s the sometimes-tedious things we do day in and day out that make pursuing our passion possible.

Once we remembered this, the mundane, well it didn’t seem so mundane after all!

So, the next time we find ourselves transferring that all too intricate pattern, frogging the stitches laid for the umpteenth time or completing the binding on what feels like the world’s largest quilt, we’ll remind ourselves of the lesson we learnt as we left Daylesford. It’s the completion of what can sometimes feel menial that gives rise to pursuing the meaningful.

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