The Best Scissors for the Most Beautiful

7th June 2024

We’re always striving to bring you not only the world’s most beautiful needlework, but also the world’s best needlework tools. Fortunately for us all, William Whiteley & Sons’ exquisite scissors make it easy.

Using traditional techniques practiced and perfected since 1760, their handcrafted range of fabric and embroidery scissors is one of a kind.

Everything about them has been meticulously designed and crafted. From the weight to the shape and angle of the handles, the blades right down to the packaging, each pair leaves nothing to be desired.

With both left-handed and right-handed sewing shears available, and two different embroidery scissor designs, gift yourself a more luxurious stitching experience; we promise you won’t regret it!


Wilkinson 10″ Black Sewing Shears – Right-Hand


Wilkinson 10″ Black Sewing Shears – Left-Hand


Whiteley Embroidery Scissors – Rose Gold


Whiteley Embroidery Scissors – Epaulette

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