The Art of the Hoop

8th June 2018

After taking a look at the humble embroidery hoop in All Stitched Up! Issue 141 (HERE); learning about its role in bringing a bit of tension to our stitching and shopping ‘til our hoop hearts were content, we went to the web to find creative ideas for hoop art that might just change the way you see this traditional embroidery tool and found a fabulous article from Mollie Makes that does just that!

Nina Dyer has collected 20 Hoop Art Ideas that will challenge the way you see and use the humble embroidery hoop, elevating form over function, and you can check them out HERE.

Now even the non-stitchers amongst us have a reason to own a hoop, or two… or more! If you’ve taken the humble embroidery hoop and used it in a way we’re yet to uncover, we’d love to see it. Email us photos of your hoop art to

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