The Allure

17th March 2023

When was the last time you picked up needle and thread? Was it only recently or perhaps it’s been longer than you’d hoped?

As with most things, our stitching goes through seasons. There are times we pick up needle and thread almost daily, whilst at other times they seemingly never see the light of day as ‘real’ life gets in the way.

A recent email from Kelly Fletcher not only had us counting the days since we last felt needle and thread in hand, but also got us thinking about what draws us to the pursuit.

Kelly opened her email with the realisation that she hadn’t gotten around to picking up needle and thread much of late, and it turns out she was missing it! Her longing found her contemplating why she was missing embroidery and what it is that draws her to it.

For Kelly, some of the allure needle and thread holds is in the sensory joy the sound of thread being pulled through fabric affords. It’s also in the challenge of getting her ‘stitches to look just so’. She loves the texture of completed stitches, the joy she feels when everything goes according to plan, and the meditative effect ‘the act of focusing on one stitch and then the next’ provides. 

And all of that aside, she simply enjoys having ‘something to look forward to doing’.

What about you? What is it that draws you to pick up needle and thread? We’d love to hear your thoughts on what it is about stitching that captivates your attention.

Also, when was the last time you felt a needle in your hand? Was it earlier today or perhaps it was more days than you’re able to count on a single hand?

Whatever the time span, we hope Kelly’s musings on all things needle and thread reminds you of the allure it holds for you and encourages you to find that ‘just right’ length in between each of your days spent stitching.

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