That Knitting Olympian…

22nd October 2021

During the Tokyo Olympics, you may have seen coverage of British diver Tom Daley, sitting by the side of the pool with his yarn and needles.

Tom has since become a darling of the crafting community for his knitting skills, almost as much as he became a household name for his gold medal winning diving performance.

Tom took up knitting as a way to help him through the uncertainty over the past year in his journey to the delayed Tokyo Olympics. Gaining skills through YouTube videos and plenty of practise, he is proud of his achievements both with his sport and with his craft.

What a wonderful sight it was to see a gold medal Olympian showcasing the fine art of slow handcraft on the world stage.

If you haven’t seen Tom either hard at work with his knitting needles or doing breathtaking acrobatics in the pool, you can read more about him HERE and follow him on Instagram.

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