17th September 2021

This issue of All Stitched Up! marks another milestone at Inspirations HQ – our 300th issue.

When planning this week’s content, we did what one often does when they reach a significant milestone – we looked to the past to see the body of work that has been produced, celebrated the present and thought about what is yet to come.

After spending the time deliberating on the past, present and future, we were left with an incredible sense of thankfulness.

We were thankful for the countless hours our team has spent curating, assembling, crafting and distributing the myriad words and images that have been included in All Stitched Up! to-date.

We were thankful for the immeasurable time you have afforded us as you so loyally open, read and respond to the newsletter each week.

We were thankful for the conversations started and continued, the words of advice so freely shared and the stitching journeys we’ve been invited to be a part of.

Lastly, we were incredibly thankful for what is still awaiting us as we continue to celebrate all things needle and thread – the designers we’re yet to discover, the journeys we’re yet to share, the stitches that are yet to be laid and the endless conversations that are yet be had.

That is when we realised that the words from a recent email we received rang so ever true, ‘What a fun job you have!’

Not that there are many, but sometimes amidst the hustle and bustle of the inevitable ‘unfun’ things that go on at Inspirations HQ, it can be all too easy to lose the wonder of what we get to be a part of. Yet taking the time to reflect on our 300th milestone has provided the space to remember why we do what we do and who we do it for.

Then we thought, why let thankfulness and celebration only come at significant milestones? From here on we’re going to make every day a celebration by being thankful.

Be it big or small, we’d welcome the opportunity to know what you’re celebrating in your journey with needle and thread. Simply email to let us know what you’re thankful for.

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