7th September 2018

Nick Voulgaris III’s coffee table book, ‘The Seaside House: Living on the Water’, recently came across our desks. It’s a breathtaking publication that presents some of the best examples of homes for escaping to the serenity of the seaside and unpacks the interiors, exteriors, gardens and patios of 21 seaside homes from traditional style cottages right through to modern beach houses.

The obvious link between each home is their position by the water, but from there they part ways as each house is fashioned by its owner in the most personal of approaches. Fashion designer Donna Karan has created a Zen-like oasis which provides an escape from the stresses of her everyday life, while Tommy Hilfiger’s vacation home has been fashioned with overtones of 60s and 70s disco fever to complement his vast collection of Pop Art.

Upon closer look, however, there’s another link between many of the homes that feature in Nick’s book; textiles. While their style may differ from home to home, it’s the importance placed on their inclusion that drew our attention. Some home owners have commissioned textiles that complement their specific design briefs, while others have combed local stores to find textiles whose stories align with their home’s location, history or design aesthetic.

For those of us who are accomplished with needle and thread, the idea of including textiles within our homes may not be new, but the layer of richness, appeal and personality they provide may have been taken for granted.

Beyond commissioning the perfect piece, or finding a readymade textile, be it old or new, we have the distinct advantage of being able to fashion a piece that not only complements our interior but provides a most personal connection between our home and the work of our hands.

Does your house reflect your love of textile rich pieces? We’d love to see how you’ve included the textiles that you have created throughout your home’s interior. Email news@inspirationsstudios.com

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