Taylor Seville Wonder Grip & Seam Ripper

30th October 2020

Every now and then some truly innovative products arrive in the needlework world. These are variations on tools which we all know and love, but improved to such an extent, we can’t help but wonder how we did without them.

The Taylor Seville Wonder Grip and Thimble, and the Taylor Seville Double Ended Seam Ripper are just those kinds of products.

The Wonder Grip and Thimble makes the sometimes difficult task of working with a thimble easy. How often have we had a thimble on our finger, but found ourselves losing our grip on our thread, our needle as we pull it through, or the thimble itself? This clever item solves that problem.

With a silicone thimble on one end, and a handy finger cap on the other, you’ll be able to grip perfectly without anything slipping through your fingers. Designed to remain on your fingers and to allow for hassle free manipulation, you’ll soon relegate your old thimbles to the antiques cabinet.

The Double Ended Seam Ripper does just what it says on the tin – it offers you two sizes of seam ripper; a fine end for cotton and fine thread and a larger end for heavier seams and threads. The Seam Ripper is cleverly designed so that only one sharp end will be exposed at any one time, and, when you’ve completed your unpicking, both ends are safely tucked away to maintain their sharpness and ensure that nothing untoward is ripped!

With innovative new tools such as these now available, one wonders how long it will be before their traditional cousins are relegated to the display cabinet! Click below to purchase online from our website now.

Wonder Grip & Thimble

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Tailor-Mate Retractable Seam Ripper

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