Stitching on Social | January

27th January 2023

Time for some social media picks to add more fantastic artists to your news feeds! The Christmas/New Year break gave us some extra time to scroll the web and discover some new creations that are definitely worth checking out. Here they are:

@shirock0710: This talented embroiderer from Japan creates bold animal brooches with stunning combinations of fine stitching, beads and sequins in brilliant colours.

@pienikorvasieni: PieniSieni, embroidery artist, also from Japan, creates glorious, detailed three-dimensional sculptures.

@abroidery_: Abby Raisz creates amazing bird hoop art, each one even more exquisite than the last.

@loveofhyggeliving: Suzie’s ‘little peaceful world of embroidery’. Follow her blog-like posts to enjoy recent WIP’s and a myriad of her ‘calm’ projects. 

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