Stitching on Social | October

29th October 2021

It seems that October has been a busy month on social media, especially when it comes to stitching! Or perhaps it isn’t any busier than normal, we’ve just spent more time admiring the work that people are posting and falling in love with all the new and emerging textile and needlework artists we find. Here are a few that we would recommend you take a look at:

@womanwithafish – Sue Stone is a textile artist who creates amazing, lifelike images using a needle and thread. Curiously, many of her images include a fish.

@noelletextileart – Noelle Thomas creates incredible works of art filled with brilliant colours, stunning textures and an array of stitches all in glorious harmony. – Hailing from Germany, this artist stitches botanical subjects that are so stunningly life-like, you need to look twice to make sure they aren’t photographs.

@upanddowndale – Artist Lynn Comley is a felt artist from Yorkshire in the UK. She uses the natural environment around her to inspire her wonderful textured creations.

We love getting inspired by talented people such as these. There are just so many incredible artists out there, we may showcase them until the end of time and we still won’t be able to see them all! But if you have come across a textile artist, embroiderer or designer on social media who has caught your eye, please do let us know. We love the discovery and never cease to marvel at the creativity.

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