Stitching on Social | October

27th October 2023

Over now to the digital land of social media where we bring you some of our recent finds. These are the profiles of amazing textile artists who post their wonderful creations, and that we wish we had found long ago!

@melissa.m.webb: We wonder if this fibre artist likes the colour green?! Melissa’s crochet installations bring the botanical world into interiors with mossy dyed threads.

@shishi.san: Tufting artist Shishi with one of her tremendous fluffy vases.

@by_larysa_bernhardt: Turning found tapestries into dreamy moths, Larysa Bernhard is doing these shy creatures a great justice.

@coconut_colourfull: Merhaba Ben Devrim stitches a great many projects all incorporating a bright colour or two! 

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