Stitching on Social | June

25th June 2021

Spending too much time on social media looking at cat videos? We have just the solution… a curated selection of amazing textile artists to follow! Here are this month’s recommendations for Stitching on Social:

@hannahraetextile: Hannah Rae does some really interesting work, combining embroidery, dying and fabric piecing. 

@isi.smith: Bright, bold and simply beautiful is the way we’d describe the creations of UK based artist, Isi Smith.

@fayekildayartist: Passionate about upcycling and mixed media, Faye Kilday is an artist from New Zealand producing a fascinating collection ranging from jewellery to bags

@mymychaelyn: Mychaelyn Michalec produces some of the most amazing rugs we’ve ever seen. She uses her incredible talent to combine fine art with rug making.

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