Stitching on Social | April

28th April 2023

As it gets colder here in Adelaide, Australia, we will soon have to surrender to the weather and get out our winter jumpers. While our wardrobes get a makeover, our social feeds could do with a top up too. It’s not winter yet, but we will need a few projects ready to huddle up with when it arrives. The brilliantly coloured and textured pieces created by this artist from Japan are harmonious perfection.

@lindenacresdesign: This clever artist, Lindsay, creates these unique book sculptures with an enchanting allure. Stitched vines, moss, mushrooms and wild strawberries hold the pages of these otherwise deteriorating Shakespeare volumes back together.

@h.h.hooks: Hanna Eidson creates pop art inspired rugs, wall hangings and soft sculptures with a tufting machine. What fun!

@kristisnarsky: This one is for the interior lovers. Kristi Snarsky ‘vintage home’ wouldn’t be complete without her collection of crewel work. Every piece is styled and hung with the utmost care and is looking absolutely fabulous. 

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