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17th March 2023

Every week we receive emails from all over the world from fellow stitchers lamenting the difficulty we all experience from time to time sourcing needlework supplies.

Sometimes it’s rare and hard to find materials such as a specific linen spun from a one-off loom and hand-dyed in Italy, other times it’s as simple as tracking down quality hoops.

Our sourcing team here at Inspirations Studios is perpetually scouring the earth trying to keep track of where the best suppliers can be found.

This week we thought we’d share with you some of the essentials that we keep in stock that we’ve found to be some of the best quality available:


Nurge hoops are manufactured to the highest standards using laminated beech timber with brass clasps featuring slotted and hexagonal tightening heads to enable maximum tension.


Nurge Hoops


When it comes to needles, two of our favourite brands are Bohin from France and Tulip from Japan. Bohin are the solid work horse members of the needle fraternity with Tulip providing a more bespoke offering.


Bohin Needles


Tulip Needles


Whether it’s a mellor, koma, stiletto, thimble or a precision pair of tweezers, we’ve assembled a collection of essential tools to ensure you have all the basics covered.


Needlework Tools

Are there any needlework supplies you are having a hard time locating? Email us at and let us know what you’re looking for… you never know what our sourcing team might find during their scouring!

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