Stitch by Stitch

7th July 2023

Some of the team from Inspirations HQ have recently returned from photographing a book we currently have in production. Whilst we can’t share too much just yet, we can let you know that it’s the first of two books we’re going to publish for a designer that many of you will recognise not only from her particularly distinctive style, but also from her work that has featured on the pages of some of our previous publications.

The premise of the book is a year in the country through the eyes of an embroiderer, with the first of the two books focusing on winter and spring.

The book began with a particularly clear vision from the designer herself and carries with it an exceptionally strong storyline that we want to do justice to as we bring them to life on the pages of the publication.

With myriad images and the words we had to guide us through the design inspiration and process for each piece, the Inspirations team spent hours poring through them as we sought an appropriate location and gathered the props that would bring the vision to life.

The chosen location provided the perfect backdrop for what’s going to be an incredibly beautiful publication. With the designer’s original sketches and the props we sourced playing flawless supporting roles to each of the stitched pieces, we quickly came to realise how many small parts were coming together to create what will be a spectacular whole.

It reminded us of the time we spend creating with needle and thread – lots of small stitches all coming together to make something greater than the sums of their parts.

There’s a certain magic that’s created when small parts are brought together sympathetically to create something from nothing.

Whilst the book is a long way from complete, we love that we can see it coming together ‘stitch by stitch’ and can’t wait to share it with you!

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