Start Line

21st January 2022

As the last All Stitched Up! for 2021 was titled ‘Finish Line’, it seemed a fitting way to launch our newsletters for the New Year would be at the ‘Start Line’!

And indeed, here we are, at the starting line of another new year.

In the past we’ve often unpacked ideas about choosing words and setting goals at the outset of each year and we don’t know about you, but the start of 2022 feels a little different to us.

Whilst many of us had hoped the hustle and bustle of COVID would be well behind us by now, it would seem we’re not quite there yet.

So, we’ve found ourselves considering the year before us a little differently this time around.

You may have heard us say at the beginning of previous new years that we relish the idea of a blank page, fresh start and all the possibilities the year ahead affords. Whilst this remains true, if we’re honest, the last couple of years have made us a little weary of setting ‘lofty’ goals that circumstances around us may make it all but impossible to achieve. 

So, this year we’ve found ourselves taking stock of what has gone before us prior to looking to the year ahead a little more than usual. And do you know what we discovered? We noticed that, perhaps more than ever before, we’ve found ways, no matter how small they may have seemed at the time, that centered us amidst the hustle and bustle that’s surrounded us and we now stand stronger, more adaptable and more patient than perhaps we ever thought possible.

The words of Alan Cohen reminded us that we shouldn’t ‘wait until the conditions are perfect to begin’ and that we didn’t necessarily need a new word, goal or grand ambition to carry us through the year before us; we simply needed to begin building upon what we’d fostered over the last year. 

What about you, are you approaching this New Year a little differently to years past? We’d love you to email and let us know how you’re planning to make the most of 2022 as it begins to unfold before you.

Oh, and as we welcome each one of you back as we walk through 2022 together, we happen to know that the release of this week’s newsletter coincides with Tricia celebrating her birthday in Hagersville Canada, so we just wanted to take a moment to wish her an exceedingly Happy Birthday!  

And now back to our regularly scheduled program . . .

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