Satellite Oceans

2nd September 2022

Many people love to stitch the ocean. Usually, they stitch beach scenes or ocean vistas, but embroidery artist, Danielle, likes to take a different viewpoint. This Canada-based artist takes a broader view, creating mesmerising stitched pieces representing the ocean from high up in the sky.

Each piece shows the whirling currents and waves and a variety of colours representing different depths and the play of light on the water. Although they appear abstract at first glance, it only takes a moment to recognise the ocean in its majestic beauty within each of Danielle’s frames.

Worked almost exclusively in threadpainting, Danielle uses a huge variety of colours and shades to achieve the three-dimensional effects. Her hauntingly beautiful, stitched artworks capture a mysterious part of the earth from the viewpoint of a satellite.

If you would like to see more of Danielle’s work, you can follow her on Instagram, or read more about her at My Modern Met.

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