Sajou Pinwheel & Bobbins

14th August 2020

This week we’re excited to be releasing the first of our Sajou products which we’ve sourced for your needlework pleasure. If you haven’t heard of Sajou before or are unfamiliar with their story, here is a quick history lesson:

The Sajou embroidery brand originated in Paris in the 1840s, founded by Jacques-Simon Sajou. After winning awards and becoming renowned for the quality of its products, over the next century the company passed through many hands until it eventually disappeared around 1954 and the once household name was all but forgotten.

Fortunately, writer and passionate embroiderer, Frédérique Crestin-Billet, decided to revive the Sajou brand in 2004.

Combining her own expertise in both embroidery and collectibles with the name’s historic marker as a quality sewing and haberdashery brand, it is little wonder Sajou has once again become synonymous with gorgeous sewing paraphernalia.

If you ever have the opportunity to happen by Maison Sajou in Paris, the shop is nothing less than a magical cave filled with endless treasures.

While we can’t quite replicate the same experience as an actual visit, what we can do is bring you some of their products to hopefully go some way towards capturing that magic.

Sajou Pinwheel

The Sajou Pinwheel is a practical pin holder, filled with 40 French-made, glass headed dressmaker’s pins. What sets it apart is the adorable vintage image of a little girl sewing up her dolly’s dress on the front.

The combination of the high-quality pins and the delightful image makes this pinwheel one you’ll want to keep away from covetous hands!

Sajou Bobbins

This box of Sajou Bobbins is absolutely adorable. Filled with 15 tiny wooden bobbins, no more than 2.5cm tall and adorned with the characteristic Sajou vintage imagery, we couldn’t think of a better way of storing leftover threads.

Although, these bobbins would be a practical addition to any sewing tool kit, the suggestion of one of the team to just ‘have them in a jar to admire’ seems equally as appropriate!

Thimble for scale

We’ll be releasing some more Sajou products in the coming weeks, but in the meantime be sure to order your pinwheels and bobbins soon. It’s rare for products this cute to stick around for long…

Sajou Rosette Pinwheel

Maison Sajou
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Sajou Mini Wooden Bobbins

Maison Sajou
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