Routine vs Ritual

30th August 2019

Have you ever stopped to consider the difference between a routine and a ritual?

All Stitched Up! issue #161 HERE unpacked the idea of routines and talked about how some of us thrive on them, while others find them suffocating. We encouraged you to think about your own stitching routine – no matter how carefully constructed or haphazard it may be – and relished hearing all the varied ways the Inspirations Community approaches the idea.

Lately though we’ve found ourselves wondering about the difference between a routine and a ritual.

After looking into this further, it seems the difference between them lies not necessarily in the action we take, but rather in the attitude behind the action.

If you think about it, most of our routines – think housework – are in place because certain things need to get done and so we do them. But because they’re not meaningful parts of our day, they are likely to be viewed as chores. Whereas rituals tend to be viewed as more meaningful practices and often give us a sense of purpose.

And that’s when we realized we should all be creating stitching rituals rather than stitching routines – after all, there’d be few among us who’d consider our time with needle and thread a chore!

So, here’s to ensuring we each make our time with needle and thread as meaningful as possible and enjoy the ritual our passion affords us…

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