21st July 2023

Over recent weeks, we’ve found ourselves doing a little reminiscing at Inspirations HQ.

Firstly, ASU #385 saw us taking a walk down memory lane as we highlighted some of the projects that were published in Inspirations Magazine issue #114. Then, as we displayed the projects from Inspirations issue #119 at our retail store, The Bobbin Tree, we once again found ourselves recalling the pieces before us.

The way in which our production schedules are structured for each issue of the magazine, almost ten months pass from the time the projects arrive at Inspirations HQ before they find their way onto display. Now sure, we get to see them throughout that time as they’re photographed and then appear on the pages of our advance copies of the magazine, but there’s something about picking up each of the original pieces again as they’re displayed that evokes memories of the journey we go on with each project.

As we placed each piece, we thought about the excitement of unpacking the project when it first arrived, the discussions we had with our photographer and stylist as we decided upon the best props, angles and lighting for each piece, the location we found ourselves at for photography… the list went on! Amongst all those thoughts, we also found ourselves pondering a similar question to that posed in ASU #385. 

‘As you look back through the projects, does it feel like it was only yesterday or a lifetime ago? It’s funny how sometimes it can even feel like both at the same time!’

As we placed each project, it really did seem like it was just yesterday that the piece arrived at our office, but as the volume of memories each piece held came flooding back, we realised just how long ten months actually is! Such is the dichotomy of time.

More so than that though, we appreciated afresh the memories needle and thread can capture. Then, when we thought about looking back on the work of our own needle and thread, we realised that each stitch holds with it a moment in time. Whether that be a particular season in life that we laid some or all of the threads, a location where the stitching was completed or a specific person we had on our mind while putting thread to fabric, each piece tells a story, not just in and of itself, but also of the fragments of our life while it was being created.

After realising the incredible stories the work of our own needle and thread capture, we’d encourage you to take your own walk down memory lane as you reminisce about the memories captured within the stitches you’ve laid over time’s past.

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