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The Queen's Pomegranate - i117 Digital

by Kathy Andrews

Cushion with a regal pomegranate in crewel embroidery.

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Rich in symbolism, the fruit of the pomegranate (Punica granatum) was the personal emblem of Catherine of Aragon, the first wife of Henry VIII of England.

Indigenous to the Mediterranean, the globular fruit contains hundreds of juicy seeds surrounded by a leathery skin and is a popular motif in decorative arts.

Used to decorate this stylish cushion, the pomegranate is stitched with crewel wool onto linen twill with the lush colours echoed in the fringe trim.

About this Digital Pattern File

This product is a digital PDF file for you to save and print at home and, as a digital product, it is non-refundable. It does not include any materials or kit. Included are comprehensive instructions to create the project along with detailed step-by-step illustrations/photographs, a full list of threads and materials required, pattern sheet plus any relevant hints, tips and tricks.

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To print the full-size pattern sheet you may need to select "tiling" as the print method. This will print in sections over multiple pages which you then stick together to form the full-size pattern sheet.

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Additional Information

  • Product Type
  • Designer
    Kathy Andrews
  • Technique
    Crewel Embroidery
  • Project Type
  • Publication
  • Issue Number
  • Pattern Pages
  • File Size
  • Finished Project Measures
    38cm (15") square

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