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19th August 2022

Dorset buttons are a type of handmade button where thread is used to bind a ring and decorative centres are then stitched or woven to give each button a unique finish.

They were popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Britain and although their commercial use fell out of favour with the advent of machine-made buttons, working these beautiful items is something that needleworkers continue to enjoy to this day.

Pat Olski’s Button Bouquets first appeared in Inspirations issue #111. The project featured a pincushion and a tape measure cover, each with a stunning Dorset button worked with a delicate bouquet of embroidered flowers at the centre.

The beauty of this project is that once you had completed the two gorgeous accessories, you could use your newfound skills to create your own Dorset buttons that can then be used to adorn whatever you wish.

We have now published this beautiful and adaptable project as a printed pattern for you to purchase and keep with your printed pattern collection.

Looking for a Button Bouquets Ready-to-Stitch kit? We even have a few of those in stock for you to enjoy as well!

Button Bouquets – i111 Print

Pat Olski
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