15th March 2019

Are you a planner? Do you plan for the future as well as planning for things to go as planned?!

Some of us take to planning naturally and find ourselves feeling a little lost when either the plans we’ve made run out or when the plan we had is no longer going to plan. Some of us avoid plans at all costs, preferring to fly by the seat of our pants, ready to tackle whatever comes our way whenever it may come.

At Inspirations, our production timeline and schedules mean we have to be planners, like it or not!

Whilst it’s only Mar ’19, we find ourselves already knee deep in plans that won’t come to fruition until Oct ’20. We’re thinking about projects, locations, props and event details, and whilst the planning can sometimes seem like it goes on forever, we’ve learned from experience that the ‘magic’ of the final result is usually directly correlated to the number of hours we’ve poured into the planning.

The same is true of our time with needle and thread. We often find that the time we’ve spent planning – reading and rereading instructions to make sure we’ve got the order of work clear in our minds, sourcing just the right supplies, creating a timeline to ensure we finish what we start and then creating a plan for the parts of the project that didn’t quite go as planned – is what brings the final result together.

So, whilst the ‘magic’ usually happens as we lay the final stitch, it’s important to remember that it’s often the hours of planning that went into the piece that allowed the magic to come to pass!

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