1st May 2020

One of the buzzwords that’s been widely used during this season of COVID-19 is ‘pivot’.

The term usually refers to a significant change that is intended to help a business recover from a difficult period that makes its original model unsustainable.

There’s no denying the season we’re currently navigating through is tough and that the practices that once sustained many businesses are no longer relevant. 

It’s been fascinating, however, to see how many companies have found a way to pivot almost immediately at the onset of COVID-19 and the resulting restrictions that were put on our usual daily lives. Think restaurants home delivering meals, personal trainers leading fitness boot camps from the comfort of their lounge rooms or signage companies now offering ‘Keep Distance’ floor sticker packages.

But what about our personal pivots - have we been as swift to respond?!

For some of us, circumstances have meant we’ve had to respond quickly as our ‘doing’ has had to pivot as we learn to work from home and/or home school successfully – not to mention brushing up on our menu planning and culinary skills as the option of dining out is no longer as accessible as it used to be!

But what about our ‘being’, have we taken the time to listen to our thoughts and emotions as we use this significant time of change to work out what really matters to us? 

Now that so much of what we’re accustomed to has been stripped away or cancelled, we’re left with the opportunity to reassess our values, priorities and what we want our lives to stand for. We can ask ourselves what’s working for us and what’s not and pivot accordingly.

There’s no denying they’re big questions to tackle, but time is on our side, so why not ponder them as we next take needle and thread in hand?

We look forward to seeing what new story we each write as we pivot towards our new normal… 

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