Pipers Silks Thread Packs | New Colours!

18th November 2022

Calling all lovers of silks.
Calling all lovers of colour.
Calling all lovers!

If you love silk, colour or just love to love, check out these three new Pipers Silks Thread Packs:

All the Autumnal colour palettes you would expect. Think Brass, Terracotta, Pale Apricot, Henna and more.

This is a purple lover’s delight. We’re talking Bright Mauve, Dark African Violet, Mulberry, Bright Pansy and more.

Let your imagination go wild with these colours. Dream in Pastel Pink, Daffodil, Rhubarb, China Blue and more.

Why Pipers Silks? Quality silk threads produced by a family run business based in Suffolk in the UK and used by some of the best designers in the world.

Each Pipers Silks thread pack includes 10 rolls of premium quality silk threads with each roll measuring 80m (87.5 yards). Click below to browse our new range and discover the specific colours included in each pack.

A whole new world of coloured silks await…

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