Peace Angel

14th September 2018

One of Inspirations’ loyal advertisers, Baerbel from The House of Textile Arts in Germany, brought the following Stitch It Forward opportunity to our attention…

‘I would like to share a project that has been successfully going on in Switzerland and Germany for some years – Stitching for Peace. This year they are stitching an angel for peace. I think we all need angels in these troubled times and thought this might be of interest to the Inspiration’s Community as well!’

Peace Angel 2018 acknowledges that embroidery is a peaceful activity that is practised worldwide. Their aim is to help offset the many wars and oppressions found in our world and invite each of us to stitch along with them. This year Ingrid Eggimann–Jonsson has created a design that can be downloaded HERE.

The design can be reduced or enlarged but should not exceed 36cm x 33cm (14” x 13”). It can be worked just as it is or adjusted to your heart’s content and then stitched using your favourite needlework technique.

The angels need to be submitted by mid to late November and will then be exhibited throughout Switzerland and Germany. To learn more about Peace Angel check out the links below:

Peace Angel 2018 | Germany

Peace Angel 2018 | Switzerland 

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