Out There

17th August 2018

Someone we know is often heard telling their children that ‘life is out there and not in here’, as they encourage them to leave their screens and engage with the ‘real’ world.

It’s a timely reminder for us all, screens or no screens, that life is meant to be lived outside of ourselves, outside of the usual places we inhabit. Yet as creatures of comfort, sometimes the choice to go ‘out there’ seems all too difficult.

Most of us like the familiar and it’s not until we make the choice to go beyond that we realise there’s a lot to be said for out there!

Sometimes we find the next big thing, whilst at other times it’s the smallest observations or the shortest conversations that make us think differently, albeit if only slightly. Whichever it may be, inspiration and change are rarely possible when we continue to inhabit our places of comfort.

Depending on how we define comfort, ‘out there’ differs for each of us, but we should all schedule the time to see what’s waiting for us on the other side of familiar – we think our day to day lives and our stitching will be all the better for it!

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