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10th February 2023

Many of us would have seen the onset of 2023 as an opportunity to make positive changes in our lives and set goals (which are now often the ‘politically correct’ term for resolutions) accordingly. New year, new me anyone?! 

As we contemplate how many of those we’ll achieve by the close of the year, unfortunately statistics aren’t on our side.

Although it is only early February, data suggests only a particularly small percentage of us are still working toward what we set out to achieve just 41 days ago. In fact, there were some resolutions that didn’t make it past the first week in January, with almost half of us experiencing ‘failure’ by the time February began.

According to a recent email from LifeHack, some of the reasons include: ‘feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to begin, losing steam and feeling stuck, losing sight of our goal without someone to hold us accountable, having to deal with unexpected events or circumstances that impede our progress, and struggling to maintain self-control and reverting to old habits.’

All is not lost though.

When we recognise the motivation we felt at the start of the year is beginning to dwindle, we can simply take the time to remind ourselves of why we set the resolutions (sorry, goals) in the first place.   

Grit & Virtue suggest we consider why each goal is important to us and reflect on what impact they’ll have on our ‘life, family and those around us’

‘Keeping our why in mind can help us stay motivated and focused on achieving our goals.’

Three of the ways Grit & Virtue recommended we can remind ourselves of our why is to write our goals out daily, create a vision board that represents what we’re setting out to achieve, and/or identify a word or phrase that aptly describes our why.

Whilst Grit & Virtue suggested we ‘make or buy an art or jewellery piece with the word or phrase’, we think we might just commit it to fabric with needle and thread.

But first, we just need to decide upon our word or phrase!

We’re hoping this new habit of remembering our why might not only be our key to success in continuing with, or resurrecting, our New Year’s resolutions but seeing the fruit of them come to pass as 2023 continues to unfold before us.

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